Crime in the age of Karl Franz was usually a pretty crude affair. A club in the back of the head on a deserted city street and a purse snatched, ransacking a farmhouse or a city shop. With the exception of perhaps pickpockets, crime was unsophisticated, brutal and without much skill…. The exceptions were those that saw crime as not a quick way for the unskilled to get a few coins, but an art, a challenge and a profession to be proud of. These criminals tended to be found in the larger cities, where the rewards, and the challenges, were more interesting. Cities like Nuln, where were found the most sophisticated dwarven engineered safes in the world, protecting fortunes of merchant and dwarven gold, or Altdorf, where the wealthiest families of the empire had the most to lose, and the money to protect their fortunes as well. Engineered and booby trapped locks, stone walls many feet thick, magical defenses, wizards employed to magically watch over the household and detect intruders. A theft of their property required a carefully selected group of professionals with specialized skills, insider knowledge and weeks of planning.

In this adventure, you the players will take on these roles of professional medieval criminals attempting the most infamous possible of crimes — the theft of the crown jewels of Karl Franz himelf.

WFRP3 - Oceans 1: The Heist

The safe